Apply for Coverage

Small Groups


Membership Application — to be completed by individuals joining a group
Small Group Enrollment Tool — to be used by agents and groups to enroll new groups

Metallic Groups

Business BlueEssentialsSM Master Application and Group Request for Coverage
Business Blue ExclusiveSM Upstate I Master Application and Group Request for Coverage

Chamber Groups

Group Benefit Request Form, 51-99 Lives
Group Request for Coverage (legacy Chamber groups only)

Legacy Groups

Group Request for Coverage (non-Chamber groups)

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement Select Application
Medicare Supplement Standard Application

Companion Life

Life insurance is offered by Companion Life. Because Companion Life is a separate company from BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Companion Life will be responsible for all services related to life insurance.  

Companion Life Employer Participation Application
Companion Life Group Application
Companion Life RFP