Specialty Drugs

Specialty drugs are high-cost prescription drugs for complex or chronic conditions. This includes cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and hepatitis. You usually inject or administer the drugs yourself. Or you may receive them in a doctor’s office. Specialty drugs may need special handling and refrigeration. Taking them sometimes requires careful monitoring. View the specialty drug list.

We offer plans that provide different levels of coverage for specialty drugs. Some plans require you to get your specialty drugs from CuraScript Specialty Pharmacy, our new preferred specialty pharmacy vender. On behalf of BlueCross, CuraScript Specialty Pharmacy administers this program. CuraScript is an independent company that dispenses specialty drugs and provides other related services.

After March 31, Caremark Specialty Pharmacy will be out of network and will not be covered under your pharmacy benefit.

Note to members who take specialty drugs: Prescriptions with remaining refills at Caremark Specialty Pharmacy were transferred to CuraScript on April 1. A CuraScript patient care advocate will contact you approximately two weeks before your next refill due date. He or she will update your records and place the order for your refill.

For information about your pharmacy benefits, review your benefits booklet or talk with your employer’s human resources or benefits department. You can also log into My Health Toolkit® to learn more about your prescription drug coverage.

Members who want to order specialty drug prescription refills online, which is allowed for certain drugs, must create an online account and login at the CuraScript website. (This link leads to a third party website. CuraScript is solely responsible for the contents and privacy policy on its site.)