Consumer Health Plans

Our Consumer Driven Health Plan Portfolio combines potential money-saving incentives with information and tools to help you make better-informed health care decisions. With a Consumer Driven Health Plan, you will be able to choose from a variety of health care options. Some common designs may include:  
  • A high deductible health insurance plan
  • A tax-exempt health spending account you can use to pay for qualified health care expenses
  • A gap between the deductible and the maximum allowable annual contribution to the account. (After you have spent everything in your account, you have to pay expenses out of pocket until you satisfy your annual deductible.)

Learn more about your health care and how to manage it: 

  • Access - Health Care Management Tools and Programs
  • Balance - Managing the Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs
  • Choose - Making Wise Lifestyle Choices
  • Control - Understanding the Importance of Your Medications
  • Decisions - Knowing Your Treatment Options
  • Involvement - Taking an Active Role in Controlling Health Care Costs
  • Knowledge - Maximizing Your Health Benefits
  • Prevention - Taking Charge of Your Health Care
  • Protection - What You Should Know About Health Care Fraud
  • Quality - Identifying Quality Treatment and Services
  • Research - Understanding Health Care Costs
  • Responsibility - Understanding Your Role in Health Care Costs
  • The Difference Is In the Name - Generic vs. Brand-name Drugs
  • Understand - The True Cost of Health Care