Dental Coverage

If you have dental coverage with us, this is the place for information!

Look Up Your Dental Claim History and Benefit Information

Please note: Not all members have dental coverage. Check your benefit booklet or contact the benefits coordinator in your company’s Human Resources department to see if you can take advantage of this benefit.

Overall health includes good oral health. And good oral health includes visiting a dentist. BlueCross dental coverage provides you and your family with quality and choice.

As a member, you may choose from network or non-network dentists. Network providers accept pre-arranged, discounted fees. By using a network provider, you may stretch your annual dental benefits and save money on a variety of procedures. And with many available providers, you are sure to find one that meets your and your family’s needs.

Look up your personal dental claim history, view an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or check eligibility by logging into My Health Toolkit.