Message from Our CEO

The success of our company is due largely to our diversification strategies. Just as we rely on diverse companies to keep us strong, we also value diversity in our workforce. While our business plans are crucial road maps for us to follow, we know that what ultimately drives our success are the people we hire to help us achieve our business goals.

A diversified workplace comprises individuals with an array of distinctive talents, insights, experiences and abilities. We don’t want all of our employees to act alike, look similar or think the same way. We need employees with different skill sets and perspectives to help us innovate, discover new opportunities and unleash new ideas.

When we tap into the various dimensions of diversity, we set ourselves apart. By taking advantage of the insights each individual brings to the table, we break out of the mold of being just another insurance company, health plan administrator or technology supplier. Regardless of the line of business, we become the leader. Our health plan members trust us more than any other insurer to provide them the utmost in stability and security. Our business partners rely on us to be the solution to problems they can’t tackle on their own.

To some companies, diversity is just another trendy buzzword plastered on a poster hanging in the employee break room. At BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, it’s a critical part of our culture that influences everything we do.

David Pankau
President and CEO
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina