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    Cynthia Bing-Legare - 1-800-476-8231 ext. 22103

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  • An agent who wants prescription drug contact information for a member?

    For Members with BlueCross Drug Coverage

    On behalf of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Caremark assists in the administration of our prescription drug program. Caremark is an independent company that provides pharmacy benefits management. Here’s how and when members should call Caremark:

    Mail Service Benefits, Caremark FastStart Enrollment: 866-465-2496
    Members who want to use mail service can call this number to get started. FastStart representatives will complete mail-service order forms for members and then contact members' doctors for their prescriptions. The representative will need the member ID number, the name of the member's drug, doctor's name and phone number, member's shipping address, and a credit card number and its expiration date. Members can also give their doctor's office the toll-free FastStart physician number, 800-378-5697, and let their doctors call in prescriptions for them. For faster processing, members should give their doctor their member ID number, mailing address and phone number. Once the doctor calls in the prescription, Caremark will contact the member to get the payment information.

    Caremark Member Services: 888-963-7290
    Members should call this number if they have questions about prior authorization, quantity management, dose management, step therapy, mail-service benefits, refills or their general benefits. Or, members can visit Caremark's website. (This link leads to a third party Web site. Caremark is solely responsible for the contents and privacy policy on its site.) 

    Caremark Pharmacy Help Desk: 800-364-6331
    Members should ask their pharmacists to call this number if they need help submitting prescription claims.

    Caremark Prior Authorization Department: 800-294-5979
    Members should ask their doctors to call this number if they need prior authorization for a prescription drug. Doctors can also fax requests on a member's behalf to 888-836-0730.

    Caremark Specialty Drug Enrollment: 866-513-5214
    Members who use specialty drugs should call this number. Or, they should ask their doctors to call in their prescriptions for them. For faster processing, the doctor will need the member ID number, the shipping address and the member's phone number. Once a doctor calls in a member's prescription, Caremark will contact the member to get payment information. Doctors can fax specialty drug prior authorization requests to 866-249-6155.
  • Someone looking for subpoena or HIPAA-compliant information?
    BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina will respond to any valid subpoena that a South Carolina court issues. If you are requesting records from us as a third party to an out-of-state action, however, you will need to complete a HIPAA-compliant Authorization form. Or, you can contact:

    Clerk of Court for Richland County
    P.O. Box 192
    Columbia, SC 29202
    Phone: 803-576-1950

    Once you complete the HIPAA-compliant Authorization form, please mail it to:

    Custodian of Records
    BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
    Mail Code AA-270
    I-20 at Alpine Road
    Columbia, SC 29219-0001

    Please note: We do not have copies of original bills (HCFAs) that providers submit if the individual resides and/or receives treatment in states other than South Carolina. In these cases, we will provide electronic data processing summaries of this information.


    Documents we keep in the normal course of business include:

    Claims (copies of HCFAs or electronic data processing summaries): These documents generally provide line item information, diagnosis codes and provider information.

    Explanation of Benefits (EOBs): These documents generally provide information about the benefits we paid for a claim.

    We usually do not have copies of medical records. You should request these directly from the provider.


    We will prepare an invoice for copies at $.50/page. Generally, each claim is one to four pages. EOBs are usually two pages.

    We can not determine in advance the number of pages of documentation necessary.

    We expect prompt payment of our invoice upon receipt.
  • Someone who wants to report fraud?
    Do you suspect fraud? We encourage you to let us know. Remember, you can remain anonymous! Please include as many details as possible. You can reach us several ways:

    BlueCross BlueShield Fraud Hotline: 800-763-0703
    Fax: 803-264-4050
    Complete an online form.

    Write us at:
    BlueCross BlueShield Anti-Fraud Unit
    Mail Code AX-E01
    P.O. Box 24011
    Columbia, SC 29224-4011

    Find out more about how you can help us stop fraud. Check out our Fraud Case Files.
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    Please note: Due to the large volume of resumes we receive, we will only contact candidates we are considering for the position.

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