Medigap BlueScriptSM

With the Medigap BlueScript pharmacy savings program, the amount members pay for their drugs is based on the cost of the drug and our special discounts. When members go to a network pharmacy, they should just show their BlueCross Medigap ID card, then give the pharmacist their prescriptions. The pharmacist will use a computer to check eligibility and determine the discounted price they should pay. If there is a lower price available than our discounted price, they will receive the lower price. It’s that easy!

Members who also have Medicare Part D coverage should always show their Part D prescription drug plan cards to their pharmacists first. If their drug is excluded from coverage under their Part D plan, they should ask their pharmacist to submit their claim with their BlueCross Medigap ID number.

Members who don’t use a network pharmacy or don’t show their ID card will not receive our special discount.