Overall Winner:

Southern Weaving, Greenville

Southern Weaving has a Wellness team that works continually to strengthen efforts to improve employee health and well-being. And this team has been busy! Here’s a list of some of the company’s activities:
  • It sponsors an on-site wellness clinic, health information center, quarterly health education sessions, an annual health and education fair, and a quarterly emailed newsletter.
  • It hosts fitness activities including an annual Wii Fit triathlon, a partnership with Gold’s Gym and a 10-mile Walk@Work program that kicks off each year with the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina National Walk @ Lunch Day.
  • Special health programs including an eight-week initiative called Feel Great in Eight, which incorporates screening and coaching. There’s also a weight loss program called Challenge 17, which encourages people to lose 17 pounds in 17 weeks.
These are just some of the ways Southern Weaving promotes well-being and a healthy work/life balance.

Midlands Regional Winners:

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions 

The goal at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions is to help employees adopt wellness as a lifestyle. The company has really embraced the Rally platform as a way to engage people in health and fitness activities. They’re encouraged to keep up with their bio-metric numbers, take part in challenges and adopt missions that help them improve their health and well-being. Health coaching and financial incentives also help to keep people motivated.

Savannah River maintains wellness rooms, on-site gyms, basketball courts and walking trails where employees can work out physically and relax mentally. Other programs include lunch and learns, health coaching, classes on financial topics, free sessions on EAP options and emails that share information and healthy recipes. With a new wellness coordinator, the company plans to sponsor even more wellness initiatives in the year ahead.

Rally Health Inc. Is an independent company that offers a digital health platform on behalf of BlueCross.

SC Federal Credit Union

The South Carolina Federal Credit Union wants to have healthy, happy employees at its offices in Columbia and around the state. Senior managers try to set a good example — the CEO was even featured on a magazine cover for an adventurous hike in the Grand Canyon. The company also tries to promote work/life balance through programs such as flexible schedules, employee assistance and discounts to local attractions for employees and their families.

South Carolina Federal offers premium discounts and PTO incentives for certain healthy behaviors. It promotes educational campaigns on topics like controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Individuals and teams of employees also embrace the fun side of fitness with events like walking challenges, charity walks and runs, and other projects that encourage them to give back to their communities.

Lowcountry Regional Winners:

Charleston County Government

The county distributes “loot” to its employees — but it’s healthy loot! An incentive program called LifeStyle Loot offers wellness products for doing certain activities. These might include signing in at a fitness center, attending certain classes and events, or donating blood. Six onsite fitness centers are available to employees, and they’re all free. Fitness-related activities include yoga classes, a boot camp program and barre classes, offered at a variety of times so a lot of people can participate.

The county sponsors lunch and learn sessions with experts sharing information on subjects like diabetes awareness, and a variety of classes such as weight management, financial wellness and mindfulness. Employees also participate in charity events such as walks for cancer awareness and the American Heart Association – which promotes fitness and community involvement.

City of Charleston

The city sends out a monthly newsletter that includes timely health topics — for example, how to avoid colds and flu or tips on avoiding weight gain over the holidays. The city encourages health and fitness with gym membership discounts, walking groups and information on weight loss, stress reduction and other issues.

As an employer, Charleston “puts its money where its mouth is” when it comes to encouraging healthy behavior. For example, employees can receive $25 for completing the Rally survey, $50 for getting an annual physical or colonoscopy or $25 for having a dental cleaning, mammogram, prostate screening or skin cancer screening. Last year, the city also invested in an InBody Scale. This device gives people details about their muscle mass, body fat and other information — a good example of engaging people through new and interesting technology.

Upstate Regional Winners:

Southside Christian School

Southside Christian School prides itself on caring for the spiritual needs of its employees. But it also encourages them to have healthy lifestyles — and tries to make this easier for them. The cafeteria has nutritious menus that include salads, fruit and yogurt. The school encourages its staff to adopt healthy behaviors such as eating whole grains and vegetables, getting eight hours of sleep and walking 10,000 steps a day. It offers on-site child care and nurses, and free financial counseling.

Southside gets employees moving with quarterly fitness challenges, such as walking, kickboxing, biking and weightlifting. Quarterly winners receive prices, and the overall winner receives a cash stipend and an Apple watch. These and other activities provide continual support for healthy, happy lifestyles.

Founders Federal Credit Union

Health and fitness programs are not a passing fad at Founders Federal Credit Union. Throughout its 50-year history, the company has made healthy employees and families a priority, starting with offering excellent, affordable benefits. There’s an array of initiatives under the company’s Fit Founders program. For example, it sponsors walking challenges, including mini challenges that push people to increase their steps just for a day or a weekend. Other programs include a Kids Fun Run, discounts at area gyms, free financial and retirement counseling, and the recent addition of Blue CareOnDemandSM.

Founders holds monthly “lunch and learn” sessions at its corporate headquarters. These feature speakers on topics ranging from nutrition and exercise to self-defense and living on a budget. Employees have been enthusiastic about these sessions — and the healthy lunch they receive while they learn.