Overall Winner:


Sonepar’s impressive health and well-being program starts at the top. After the president of Sonepar hosted a company-wide simulcast about their wellness platform, associates were able to see that he was invested in their health. Here’s a list of some of the company’s activities:


  • Free biometric screenings are offered for associates and their spouses. If the screening and health survey are completed, associates receive a reduced deductible or HRA funds the next benefit plan year. 
  • Programs and courses are available on smoking cessation, mental health, nutrition and weight loss. Additionally, monthly communications are sent to associates with wellness rewards, benefits spotlights and wellness challenges.
  • A variety of challenges keep associates engaged. The verified workout challenge provides many avenues to earn points so associates at all fitness levels can participate.  A $200 gym reimbursement is offered when wellness requirements are completed. Two on-site gyms are also available at no charge.

These are just a few of the ways Sonepar promotes healthy living! 

Midlands Regional Winners:

Southeastern Freight Lines 

SEFL has a unique well-being program called Southeastern Strong. It includes personal health,community building, financial strength and growth and development. SEFL introduced the Southeastern Strong web page, which offers resources including videos from the company president, healthy recipes and success stories from employees who have lost weight or stopped smoking.


SEFL offers BlueCross health coaching, biometric screenings, and a financial wellness program called SmartDollar that 20 percent of employees participated in last year. SEFL also provides Rally to promote healthy behavior changes.


SEFL offers premium reductions for employees and their covered spouses for participating in the programs. They can earn up to $260 per year.

Rally Health Inc. Is an independent company that offers a digital health platform on behalf of BlueCross.

Lexington Medical Center

Lexington Medical Center has multiple approaches to encourage physical activity. These include free and discounted exercise classes, and full reimbursement of wellness center fees after 120 annual check-ins. Employees receive free swag like T-shirts, water bottles, sports bags and prize drawings for participating in challenges.


Healthy options in LMC cafeterias are not only offered, but incentivized. Healthy food items are noted with a green apple on the food label. After 10 green apple items are purchased, employees can receive a free item.


LMC also provides on-site child care, free health screenings for spouses and financial counseling seminars so the whole family can benefit. There has been a 15 percent increase in employees participating in wellness activities within the last three years and a 40 percent increase in employees participating in health screenings in the past two years.

Lowcountry Regional Winners:

Evening Post Industries

In 2017, Evening Post Industries made wellness a primary goal for the company. The wellness program was relaunched to include a new monthly newsletter, monthly health topics, a health fair, Rally incentives, financial programming and nutrition education.


The company offers weekly fitness and yoga classes and incentives for participating in local races to keep their employees moving. Nutrition is emphasized through new healthy recipes distributed weekly, nutrition-based Rally missions and a “healthy eating highlight of the day” special in the cafeteria.


In addition to incentives for fitness and nutrition programs, Evening Post offers gift cards and HRA funds for activities like completing your Rally Health Survey, getting a physical, and completing Rally missions and challenges.

From 2016 to 2017, Rally participation skyrocketed, with more than seven times the number of unique users and 11 times the number of mission completions. 

Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority

Beaufort-Jasper uses many of the resources provided by PEBA to encourage health and wellness —including BlueCross programs such as Health Coaching and Rally. The employee assistance program offers employees and their families free coaching for fitness, nutrition, weight loss, stress management and more. Beaufort Jasper hosts an annual Safety and Wellness festival, which focuses on physical activities and team building.


In addition to gym discounts, employees have several options for staying active, even in the workplace. Exercise equipment is available for employees to use at their convenience. Lift desks are offered and tricycles are available instead of golf carts.  

Upstate Regional Winners:

City of Greenville

The City of Greenville offers classes on tobacco cessation, weight loss, diabetes education, and lunch and learns focused on other health topics. Through the diabetes education, two adults were identified as being misdiagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when they actually had Type 1. They are now able to better manage their condition. 


The city also offers free yoga classes, a variety of ongoing fitness challenges with prizes, and a stipend for gym membership fees, if the employee meets the minimum exercise requirement. The city uses the great outdoor spaces in Greenville and classes provided by the Parks and Recreation department to promote fitness and activity.


An on-site Employee Health Center with free medical episodic care from a nurse practitioner is available to employees. This saves money for both the employees and the city. The city is proud that its insurance premiums have remained consistent, which is another big reward.

City of Rock Hill

In addition to a walking club, yoga classes, pickup basketball, counseling sessions and a health fair, the city offers a popular outcome-based incentive program for employees. The incentive is a $520 credit to employees’ health insurance premium when they participate in the wellness program. To qualify, employees must complete three things: a health survey, a biometric screening, and a meeting with an on-site clinical staff member to establish goals based on the screening results. Employees receive their reward when they meet their goals.


The city also cares about the health of the community. It offers a “Garden Fresh Foods 4 Kids”program, in which employees and retirees are encouraged to help with community gardens where the produce is donated to local nonprofits.