Preferred Drug List

Our Preferred Drug List applies to most of our benefit plans. Members who are not sure if this drug list applies to their benefit plans can log into My Health Toolkit® for personal information.

A group of doctors and pharmacists chooses the drugs for our Preferred Drug List based on their effectiveness, safety and value. We encourage members to talk to their doctors about generic and preferred brand-name drugs that may be good choices for them. Generic and preferred brand-name drugs may work just as well, and they may also save them money. You can help members search for a specific drug with the drug lookup tool. (This link leads to a third party website. That company is solely responsible for the contents and privacy policy on its site.) Caremark is an independent company that provides pharmacy benefits on behalf of BlueCross.


Our Preferred Drug List is subject to change at any time without notice, but we generally make updates on a quarterly basis. When a new generic becomes available, we add it to our Preferred Drug List right away. In most cases, we also remove its brand-name counterpart. Members can continue to use the brand-name drug, but they may pay more for it. Or, with their doctor's approval, they can switch to the generic and start saving right away.