My Health Essentials

My Health EssentialsSM Suite offers an integrated approach to achieving and maintaining good health for your employees. With a single source providing all of your health care benefits, not only will the administration be easier, but you also can be sure that your employees’ care is integrated into all of the programs.

My Health Essentials Suite offers successful health management programs as a package to help you reduce your medical costs. By offering My Health Essentials Suite, you combine outstanding benefits with great ancillary products. And you can offer your employees an integrated plan to achieve and maintain their good health. The healthier your employees are, the more productive they can be. When your employees are healthy and productive, your medical costs may decrease.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Health Solution

This medical management approach offers a full-system health solution that focuses on your employees’ health. Information is shared among all of the programs offered to integrate your employees’ care. Referrals are made based on information gathered through any of the programs. For example, if your employees call 24-hour Nurse Advisor or take a Personal Health Assessment and state that they have hypertension, they will be referred to the disease management program. With an integrated health solution, you optimize your health care investment while improving the health, quality of life and productivity for the employees who participate.

Keeping Healthy People Healthy

The programs not only offer support for your employees with existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and chronic respiratory conditions, but they also focus on preventive measures to identify possible health issues before they become high risk and high cost.

For example, Informed Health is a technology-based clinical risk support tool. It analyzes medical, laboratory and drug claims data to uncover medical errors, find opportunities for improved patient care and eliminate duplication of services. Because a large part of your employees’ health care experience is in the hands of their physicians, we notify their doctors of the recommendations found by Informed Health.


By choosing My Health Essentials Suite, you will make the most of your health care investment. Not only will you get more products for your money, but you also will offer your employees more ways to live healthier lifestyles.

Medical Management Programs

Our medical management programs target chronic diseases that drive high-cost utilization and where employee knowledge and improvements can impact those outcomes. A collaborative effort between the employee, physician and our medical management team strives to improve the participant’s quality of life and medical outcomes.

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