Personal Health Assessment

We all want to stay healthy. And although it is impossible to avoid each and every injury or illness, choices your employees make in their everyday lives go a long way in determining how healthy they can be. Personal Health Assessment is a great tool to get them started!

Personal Health Assessment is an online survey that can help your employees identify their personal risk factors while guiding them toward healthier lifestyle choices. The survey includes questions about:

  • Nutrition — your employees' food choices and dietary habits
  • Tobacco Use — current or past use of cigarettes or other tobacco products
  • Vehicle Safety — seatbelt usage and driving practices
  • Physical Activity — how often your employees exercise and types of fitness activities they choose
  • Alcohol Use — if your employees drink alcohol, how much and how often
  • Stress and Depression — personal and emotional well-being
  • Current Health — known health conditions
  • Health History — personal and family history of certain health conditions
  • Biometrics — height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other vital statistics

Instant Feedback

Once they've completed the survey, your employees will get their Personal Health Assessment wellness scores right away. They can use the wellness score as a baseline for evaluating and improving their health. The assessment also provides tips for lowering risk factors. They can print their reports or refer back to them online at any time.

Members can take the Personal Health Assessment by logging into My Health Toolkit® and clicking "Personal Health Assessment." Their dependents ages 18 and older may also be eligible.

For more information, please contact your benefits consultant or your BlueCross marketing representative today!