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S.C. BlueCross to Help Employers Set Up Onsite Medical Clinics

June 01, 2010

Columbia, S.C. – BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina’s large group customers soon will be offered assistance in setting up onsite employee health centers that will integrate with BlueCross’ health management programs.

BlueCross is working with Reston, Va.-based Comprehensive Health Services (CHS), Inc., which has decades of experience establishing, staffing and operating worksite clinics. This arrangement will allow employers to go a step further by seamlessly integrating clinic information and patient care with the BlueCross health management programs available with their health plans.

BlueCross will link its accounts directly with CHS to establish a clinic to provide such services as occupational health care, non-work related acute care and preventive services. While treating employees, the CHS clinic staff will optimize the opportunity to educate and guide employees with chronic diseases to treatment intended to improve their health, including referrals to area primary care and specialist physicians. This integrated process allows sharing of patient data between the clinic and the health plan to optimize the efficiency in the delivery of health care to the member.
“South Carolina employers are asking for ways to better manage and save money in their health care costs. Employer-sponsored clinics have shown that they can improve the overall health of an employee population, with the added benefit of improving productivity. We’re going the next step by integrating our BlueCross disease management services when a clinic identifies an employee whose health is at risk,” said Matt Shaffer, senior vice president of BlueCross’ major group unit.
CHS’s models are flexible, built onsite or nearby, with a variety of medical services available for employees and dependents during work days as well as in evenings or on weekends, based on the employer’s needs.

“We are in the business of positively changing patient behavior. When this happens, health improves, productivity increases and costs come down. Employers within the BlueCross market have a unique opportunity to have a combined offering from both BlueCross and CHS, whereby a more patient-centered and integrated approach can be implemented — improving the likelihood of positive outcomes,” said Stuart Clark, CHS’s executive vice president. “Companies that engage this model typically take 12–18 months to recover capital expenses associated with start-up, but our experience shows in year two a company will begin to bend the curve relative to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes costs.”

Companies interested in setting up a clinic may contact Mike Harris, BlueCross’ vice president of sales, 803-264-5493.

Founded in 1975, CHS is the industry’s largest trusted and independent provider of onsite health centers, nationwide exam programs and rapid response medical readiness teams. Major corporations and government agencies look to CHS for workforce health and productivity management solutions including onsite primary care, occupational health and pharmacy services, as well as nationwide medical surveillance, pre-placement and fitness-for-duty exams. As an independent provider of workforce health care, CHS offers an objective viewpoint that, combined with its deep analytical approach to employee health, helps maximize the effectiveness of every health care dollar spent, while ensuring employees have the best treatment options. CHS tailors health care delivery to employers’ overarching benefits strategies and supports each organization with integrated health information systems. For more information, visit the CHS Web site at www.chsmedical.com.
Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The only South Carolina-owned and operated health insurance carrier, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina comprises more than 30 companies involved in health insurance services, U.S. DoD health program and Medicare contracts, other insurance and employee benefits services, and a philanthropic foundation that funds programs to improve health care and access to health care for South Carolinians.

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