Refund Process

Have you received an Overpayment Refund Request letter from us for a particular account? Have you received an overpayment on a claim you would like to voluntarily return to us? If so, please follow these guidelines to ensure smooth handling of your refund.

Unsolicited Refunds

Unsolicited refunds are those you voluntarily submit as the result of a possible claims overpayment or a payment made due to a billing and/or processing error.

Information needed: Please complete all the information on the Overpayment Refund form.

Processing: We will review the information to determine the validity of the unsolicited refund request. We'll then determine if we will either adjust the claim to process the unsolicited request, or return the request and check with a written explanation of our findings.

Solicited Refunds

We request solicited refunds when we determine there is a claims overpayment or we made a payment in error.

Information needed: Please send the refund to us within the requested 30 days from the date of the letter. You must include a copy of the refund request letter for accurate and timely processing. Send your refund to:

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Attn: Lockbox, AX-A31
I-20 E at Alpine Road
Columbia, SC 29219-0001

Processing: It is critical that you return the refund within the specified timeframe. If we do not receive the refund within 30 days of the date of the refund request letter, we will systematically offset the amount on a future remittance. The systematic offset is the preferred method for many providers to reconcile refunds. This approach reduces the administrative costs associated with paper processing and minimizes the potential for duplicate refunds.

If you still need more information about a refund, please log into My Insurance ManagerSM and submit your question using "Ask Provider Services."