My Insurance Manager

This manual was developed to help you effectively use My Insurance ManagerSM. You will gain insight on varying functions within the provider portal and expand its usability when you apply steps you learn from this guide. We’ve also included troubleshooting tips to give you more opportunity to self-service before escalating an issue to Provider Relations and Education.

Health and dental providers will find special instructions that are specific to you within the My Insurance Manager manuals.

Find these topics and much more in the manual sections:

Getting Started 

Register as a profile administrator or an authorized user to access information about your claims and your patients who have coverage through BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and BlueChoice HealthPlan plans.

Eligibility and Benefits and Claims Entry

Verify your patient's coverage according to general, service type and procedure code searches. Easily file HIPAA-compliant professional, institutional, secondary and dental claims, and find out the status of a claim.

Claims Status, Patient Directory, Superbill Maintenance and Coordination of Benefits

My Insurance Manager removes the need for you to spend considerable time on a phone call with provider services representatives to get the status of claims. Get instructions on coordinating a patient's benefits, and learn how to manage your patient directory and perform Superbill maintenance. 

Precertification, Pre-Treatment Estimate and Authorization Status

Use the provider portal to determine if a service requires prior authorization before rendering care to your patient. Get the status of an authorization, and complete steps to attach supporting clinical documentation for those requests that do not automatically authorize or pend for medical review.

Office Administration

  • Office Management functions — View a PDF copy of the paper remittances your practice or facility receives. Electronic claims filers can access EDI reports that give details for rejected claims so you can resubmit the claims as soon as possible.
  • Modify Profile functions — Revise settings for your contact information, change your password or update your security question.
  • Profile Administration functions — Manage the user accounts of your office staff by creating and approving profiles, and resetting passwords.
  • Resources and Staff Directory — Find helpful links to useful information and view a complete list of your staff members with profiles in My Insurance Manager.
  • Getting Support from Provider Services — Use the Ask Provider Services feature to have a provider services representative respond to your benefits or claims question via email. You can also use STATchat to communicate directly with a provider service representative via web-based phone call. Learn more about STATchat here

Provider Validation: MD Checkup User Guide

Use the Provider Validation feature to verify and update your practice and physician demographic information electronically. The information you provide is used to maintain our online provider directories as well as our systems to ensure accurate claims processing.

Traditional CMS-1500 Claims Filing is Still Available

Superbill claim entry is an alternative (but not a replacement) to the CMS-1500 web claim entry. Existing claim entry is still available for secondary and corrected claims. View our guides to learn more about traditional CMS-1500 claims entry.