STATchat: Call a Provider Services Rep Online!

STATchatSM is a fast, free and simple way to talk with a provider services representative after you've searched online for the answer to a claims status or eligibility question.

To use STATchat, simply log into My Insurance ManagerSM. (Users logging in for the first time will need to create a profile, which takes less than one minute to complete.) If you still have a question after viewing claims status or eligibility and benefits,  just click the "Ask Provider Services" button at the bottom of the page. Click the "Connect" button at the top of the page, and you'll soon be speaking to a provider services representative online. In fact, you will receive priority service and be connected to the next available agent!

To ensure quick service for all customers, please limit yourself to only one issue per call. StatChat logo

STATchat Available for Precertification

When a precertification pends in My Insurance Manager, you can now talk to a Health Care Services representative immediately using STATchat through your computer. There are also four options in My Insurance Manager for updating your existing authorizations: Provide Clinical Information, Request Appeal, Request Extension and Update Authorization Information. After choosing an authorization from any of these options, you can use STATchat to speak with a Health Care Services representative immediately.

To get started, you'll need a headset with a microphone, or a speaker and microphone. Use STATchat now! Please visit My Insurance Manager.

 STATchat System Requirements

  • Adobe Flash Player*
  • A compatible web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or EDGE*, Mozilla Firefox*, or Google Chrome*.
  • A headset (recommended) or stand-alone microphone and speakers connected to your computer

*Must be a version currently supported by the manufacturer.

Poor Audio Quality

If you have problems hearing the welcome message but the status on the STATchat window says “Connected,” please make sure your headset is plugged in and you've turned up the speaker volume.

Firewall Configuration

Your firewall should allow outgoing UDP to the public internet from the browsers that will be using STATchat, and allow return traffic in response.

If your router includes SIP Application Level Gateway (ALG) function or Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), disable both these functions for the * domain.

Bandwidth Requirements

For each concurrent call, allow WebRTC: 8 kB/s. This does not scale based on bandwidth. On browsers using Flash, fallback bandwidth requirement is 6 kB/s.

PC Headsets

For lower end PC hardware, we recommend USB headsets, rather than 3.5mm jack headsets so that you bypass the native sound board. For machines with a higher-end integrated sound board the 3.5mm connection can be fine.

Port Requirements



Client-side port used

Server-side port used




Any (1,024 to 65,535)




Any (1,024 to 65,535)



For Technical Assistance

We have a technical team ready to assist with your STATchat conversion. Call 855-229-5720 for help. We look forward to hearing you loud and clear!