My Remit Manager

With My Remit Manager, providers can build historical, member-specific remittances that allow them to sort, view and print remits online.

My Remit Manager is available to all providers who have electronic funds transfer (EFT) daily.

My Remit Manager accepts 835s from all commercial BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina lines of business. It works independently of your practice management system or clearinghouse.

You will be able to:

  • View ERA information by file and see all details – Users have the option of viewing the specific ANSI details the payer sends or the standardized information in a conventional format.
  • Instantly see patient errors and denials – My Remit Manager highlights any claims which have errors or have been denied.
  • View information categorized by check numbers or by patient – My Remit Manager clearly lists the name of each patient whose EOB is associated with an individual check or EFT.
  • Print individual remits for a single patient – Eliminate the need to remove or blackout other patient information on the remit.
  • Print remits for selected patients – Print individual or group remits.

View our webinar guide to learn more about My Remit Manager.

Visit My Remit Manager and follow the steps to register. We will email you the information you need to get started.