Medicare Advantage

MA Provider ManualsMedicare Advantage Provider Manuals and Other Information

  • BlueCross Total PPO Plan Provider Manual
  • BlueCross Secure HMO Plan Provider ManualĀ 

MA Plan InformationMedicare Advantage Plan Information

  • Find helpful Medicare Advantage member resources such as Summary of Benefits and Forms.

MA Prior Authorizations

Prior Authorizations and Referrals

  • View guidelines and lists to obtain authorization or referral for anticipated services or admissions.

Compliance and FWAGeneral Compliance and Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Get information about and links to compliance training modules required by CMS.

MA Pharmacy ResourcesMedicare Advantage Pharmacy Resources

  • Learn valuable information about Medicare Part D benefits and drug information, including Formulary lists, forms and more.

Compliance and FWAMedicare Advantage Forms

  • Medicare Advantage Offshore Subcontracting Attestation.