Health Management Program

We provide a free, individualized health management program to help members with chronic health conditions. Our patient-centered, evidence-based programs focus on supporting the patient-physician relationship to improve quality of life and ensure better outcomes for members with diabetes, heart disease, chronic respiratory conditions and migraines. We use many sources, such as laboratory, medical and pharmacy claims, and health risk assessments to identify members and enroll them in the most appropriate program. Our health coaches give participants the tools they need to improve their self-management skills and take better care of themselves.

Here are our current health management programs:

  • Asthma Program 
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Program
  • Congestive Artery Disease Program
  • Congestive Heart Failure Program 
  • Diabetes Program
  • Hyperlipidemia Program
  • Hypertension Program
  • Migraine Program

Members identified for health management will receive personalized information and tools to help them learn about their conditions and reach their health goals. We assign each participant to a personal health management coach – a health care professional – who will help them learn to manage their conditions. Our health coaches care about our members. They understand that making the kinds of changes that result in long-term health benefits can be difficult. Our coaches can help personalize plans for better health so members can make changes to help them reach their health goals in spite of barriers. Our coaches can also help members understand and follow their doctors' plans of care or help them find doctors if they don’t already have one.

Because many of our members are comorbid, we use a holistic approach to encourage healthy habits and better condition management using the most current, evidence-based treatment guidelines.