Case Files: Fraud Doesn't Pay

Here is just a sample of our successful cases:

A Chiropractic Clinic Case
An owner of a chiropractic clinic pled guilty to defrauding insurance companies. He was sentenced to four years in federal prison and ordered to pay more than $1 million!

A doctor pled guilty to mail fraud and aiding and abetting in the chiropractic case. He was sentenced to two months in federal prison, probation for three years and a home confinement program with electronic monitoring for four months. The doctor must also perform 300 hours of community service and pay a $10,000 fine, plus $40,874.89 in restitution.

Beg, Borrow and Steal
A customer loaned his ID card to a friend for emergency medical treatment, including two hospital stays. We discovered the lie and the friend ended up owing us $60,000!

Saving Medicaid Funds
A doctor and owner of a clinic pled guilty to 10 counts of filing false claims to get Medicaid funds. He was sentenced to five years probation and a $500,000 fine.

A Tangled Web
We caught a customer filing false claims. The judge ordered him to pay us $50,000!

Take Two Aspirin and Go to Prison
A pharmacist was sentenced to five months in jail. Upon his release, he will serve five months home confinement with electronic monitoring and must pay BlueCross $30,533.78 in restitution.

Wrong Diagnosis
Owners of a diagnostic facility pled guilty in federal court to mail fraud. Both received sentences of two months in jail and a $2,500 fine. Upon release, they will be on probation for five years and owe $56,962.64 in restitution.

Addicted to Crime
We saved ourselves $17,000 when we caught one customer violating narcotics laws. The person was trying to use drug coverage to pay for too many prescriptions of controlled drugs.